Wednesday, December, 7, 2022
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Work, Learn & Entertain Time at Home with BenQ Monitors

The pandemic compulsively made most people to work, learn and entertain at home. This led to a significant increase in the amount of time people are spending infront of the screen, which went upto approximately 6 hrs daily. The consumers are now looking at solutions that add a better visual element to their life. This trend led to a big change in the requirements of display products at home and especially that of B2C monitors.

Customers have been switching from small screens of Mobiles and Tablets to large screen monitors that gave viewing comfort and ergonomic advantage over small screens. Traditionally, India has been a country where smaller sized monitors were used, with up to 20”-21.5” screen sizes being the norm. But due increased screen time, consumers are turning to larger form factor of screens andthe demand has gradually shifted to 24”&27” monitors.

This shift coupled by a wide-spread portfolio of BenQmonitors led to it achieving such great results and BenQ is currently the leader in the 27 inch monitor segment with 21.1% Market share in 2020 as perIDC report. BenQ has offerings that assist in Working, Learning and Entertaining at Home. In an ever-increasing portfolio of products aimed to cater to all forms of consumers, BenQ India is all set to retain and increase its growing position in the market, with products like:

  • Premium IPS Eye-Care Monitors for Work from Home and Learn @ Home – GW-Series
  • Entertainment Monitors with HDR, Eye-Care and treVolo Speakers – EW Series
  • Gaming Monitors
    • Mobiuz for Gaming Enthusiasts
    • Zowie for Professional E-Sports Players
  • PhotoVue Photographers’ Monitors for photo and video editing– SW Series
  • DesignVue Designers’ Monitors for designing and animation – PD Series

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