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Saturday, April, 20, 2024
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Geonix now a major force in Chhattisgarh



Conducts major IT Dealer Convention in Raipur

Raipur, Chhattisgarh, 9th March 2024 |

Geonix, the popular IT Hardware & Components brand from Delhi, is making a strong foray into the rapidly growing Chhattisgarh market. This week, Geonix held a major Dealer Convention in Raipur City, featuring over 150 IT Dealers, Retailers, Systems Integrators, and consultants, who came from every part of the state. In particular, IT Business Executives from Raipur’s main hub, Millennium Plaza, thronged to the extravagant event.

At the convention, Geonix launched multiple new ICT products for the region, within important sub-categories such as surveillance, networking, IT peripherals, computer gaming, sound systems, and consumer electronics. Geonix unveiled its upcoming surveillance cameras which include a Dual-Lens WiFi Camera, a 4G Sim-based PTZ camera with color night vision, and a 4G Dome camera. Speakers entered into a technological deep-dive into various products.

Figure 1: Over 150 IT Retailers, Dealers, System Integrators, and consultants attended the mega

Geonix Convention in Raipur City

A special series of PoE switches was also announced, which could be a game changer, as there is a fast-developing trend towards PoE-enabled devices. Geonix also unveiled a new series of Gaming devices expected to arrive in all markets nationally in April or May; this includes a range of highly functional and aesthetic Gaming Cabinets.

The President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Chhattisgarh IT Association were present and received special mementos. A unique knowledge session on Artificial Intelligence (AI) was also held, for the edification of IT dealers. This was followed by discussions about contemporary new technologies, and consumer trends in the IT space.