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Friday, December, 1, 2023
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Digisol Expands its Made in India Product offerings, launches a new FTTH Product


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Digisol DG-GR6821AC is now a TEC Certified product

Mumbai India, 22ndNovember 2022: DIGISOL Systems Ltd. a leading provider of the Trusted Made In India Products and IT Networking Solutions expands its Made in India product folio by announcing the launch of DG-GR6821AC – Digisol XPON ONU 1200 Mbps Wi-Fi Router with 1 PON, 2 GE Port & 1 FXS Port. The newly launched – GR6821AC is an XPON ONU 1200 Mbps Dual Band Wireless Router designed for fulfilling FTTH triple play services for SOHO users.

Announcing the launch, Mr Samir Kamat, Sales Head-Active Products, Digisol System Ltd. Said, “We are thrilled to debut a new Made in India FTTH XPON Routers with a TEC Certification. The demand for FTTH products has gained enormous growth in recent years considering the increasing demand for high speed internet. Our endeavour is to offer best in class wireless products that offer high performance, connectivity & are made in India.”

Mr Samir Kamat
                                           Mr Samir Kamat

DIGISOL DG-GR6821AC XPON ONU Wireless Router:

Digisol Made in India DG-GR6821AC (2 GE+1 FXS ) is an XPON device that supports extremely high wireless speeds of up to 1200 Mbps thanks to Dual-band technology. It’s designed for fulfilling FTTH triple play services for SOHO users. It is based on GPON and GEPON technology and is highly reliable and easy to maintain. NAT/firewall and L3 routing functions are supported. It converts the fiber optic signal into the electric signal at the user side and enables reliable Fiber Optic Ethernet services to business and residential users through the fiber-based network infrastructure. It can autodetect PON modes.

Digisol believes in constant innovation and has continued to strengthen its foothold in the IT networking industry by introducing a new range of IT networking products.The company has introduced many Made in India products previously under the Structured Cabling product category and have recently launched Made in India FTTH range of products. Digisol is committed to the government’s vision for Vocal for Local and its parent company Smartlink Holdings has always encouraged local manufacturing in the Indian IT Sector for the past 3 decades to create an IT Manufacturing ecosystem for Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

DIGISOL range of products includes FTTH Solutions (Fiber to the Home), Wireless (Wi-Fi) Solutions, Switching Solutions and SCS in Copper & Fiber.

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