Friday, February, 3, 2023
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“Our Honest pricing makes Tenda a unique Brand in India”


Over the decade, we have marked a position and reputation as a go-to home brand.

Tenda India’s product portfolio meets Indian customers’ requirements at most. The Tenda market grew by 25% compared to the last YF 20-21.

As a marketer, I believe in two revenue-generating mechanisms Innovation and Marketing.

As an organization, we bring innovation to our manufacturing and other operational processes, which brings a happy and comfortable experience for our customers. By “Happy and Comfortable Experience” I mean a Happy buying experience and a Comfortable uses experience.

Our effective after-sales service brings a hassle-free protocol that attends to customers’ queries.

We are planning to extend the IP camera range in the SOHO category. We are also expanding our distribution network into Indian semi-urban and rural markets. Indian rural market is also growing at a decent pace under the “Digital India campaign”, Tenda intends to become consumers’ 1st choice in that space.


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