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We are an organization as one of North India’s highly successful Weekly IT newspaper, which believes that IT people can enhance their own

businesses with our splendid advertisements & articles. For every IT business, we help to create represents new opportunities and a growing

economy – prosperity. At COMPUTER NEWS our core focus is designed to attain high valuable growth for the entire channel community including Distributors, Dealers, Retailers, OEMs, SPs, SIs, Vendors, Corporates, Leading IT Institutes & owners of small and Medium-sized Enterprises. By our informative articles& advertisements, we create a business environment in which new ventures flourish and success happens every day.


COMPUTER NEWS was founded in 2003, initially, we started as an 8 page black & White weekly edition in LUCKNOW, after tremendous support of IT Dealers, Distributors & Corporates, Computer News transformed into a full coloured page IT weekly newspaper that one gets to read today. Day

by day computer news became popular and successful as many leading IT Companies got associated with us. right now computer news

Percolate his hands Noth India’s wide IT market including U.P., Uttaranchal, Delhi, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh &

parts of Bihar, Jharkhand and J&k states as well as interior areas. At Computer News we believe in covering valuable and insightful topics with an emphasis on teaching IT students and IT people, how to get a strong presence in IT field. A lot of our website visitors enjoy the opportunity to pursue the IT entrepreneurial development of new businesses in this market. Thousands of start-ups and operating IT entrepreneurs have taken advantage of advertisements and articles by providing both online information and hard copy News Paper, computer news is nurturing one of the greatest opportunities in the IT world going enhanced business for oneself.


The Mission of COMPUTER NEWS is to aware and educate the entire IT channel community including Distributors, dealers, retailers, OEMs, SPs,

SIs, Vendors, and students about latest changes, events & technologies of IT market by providing comprehensive advertisements and news


Our objectives include:

1. Fulfil a widespread, ongoing and critical demand of our customers.

2. Expand our collaborations with educational institutions, IT organizations, advertisement agencies and partnerships with other respected IT groups and companies.

3. Maintain a viable, growing organization by developing, implementing, marketing and updating our news & advertisements offerings.