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                Newspaper Size : 38cm X 6 columns

                1 column = 4cms

                Gap Betwwen 2 columns = 4 mm


                FRONT PAGE :                         Rs. 275 /- per column cm

                BACK PAGE:                            Rs. 220/- per column cm

                INSIDE COVER:                        Rs. 190 per column cm

                PAGE 3 :                                  Rs. 200 per column cm

                B/W Insertion:                           Rs. 140 per column cm

               Special Rates For Computer News Pakshik & Bihar Pakshik:

               Book visiting card size 12 advertisment B/W @ Rs 6000  & Colour@ Rs 9000

               Have your 10cm x 4cm B/W Advertisment on page 6 / 7 for just Rs. 14,000/-

               For more such special offers and banner display on our website, contact us ,and reach

               To a Very Niche Audience for your products and services


Website Advertisment Rates (2014-2015)
Position No. Of Positions Appears On Dimension (In cm) &(In Pixels) Price/Month
Bottom Banner Ad 1 home/all (15x3)cm
Rs. 5,500 /-
Left & Right add 2 Home Page (4x13)cm
Rs. 8,000/- for one side
Rs 15,000 for both sides
Page Peel 1 Home/All Pages (2.64x2.64)cm
Rs. 4,000/-
flash Add Boxes 3 Home (7.96x6.4)cm
Rs. 6,000/-
Header Add 1 Home/All (13.29x2.64)cm
Rs. 15,000/-
Window Startup popup add 1 Home (14.44x12.12)cm
Rs. 20,000/-
Middle(between news) Home (5.29x2.64)cm
Rs. 3,000/-